Hello, world; and hello, SKY-HAI!

I am Beegu and my pronouns are he/him.

In SKY-EC, I play as Oran, a blue berry from the pokemon games.

This is a website made for my projects for the SKY-EC camp.

I'm also hosting my own object camp, which you can see here.

Challenge entries:

Here are the entries:

Challenge 1 - Introduce yourself (Nov 6th, 2022 to Nov 13th, 2022)

"Hi! I'm Oran. I, uh, like berries and object shows (my favorite is ONE) and ice cream! I also don't like long car rides, and that's why I can't wait until we get to see Mount Marcy!
I... don't really have any friends here. I wish I knew how to make some."

Challenge √(-1): Choose + Decorate a room in Nils' place (Nov 22nd, 2022 to Nov 29th, 2022)